Are there any plans to support direct mounting of aliyundrive using the ‘Aliyundrive Open Platform’ without the need for indirect mounting through webdav services like alist?

In my case, although I can directly access the webdav service in my alist, due to network environment and alist server resource issues, this process is very slow and painful.

Is it possible to mount Aliyundrive directly through the "Aliyundrive Open Platform" API

so that I can access Aliyundrive quickly?

This is the documentation for "Aliyundrive Open Platform",

but it is only available in Chinese. I am happy to help with any translation work.

AFAIK nobody is working on this.

I suggest you find some chinese speaking golang developer and implement this new remote.

Otherwise it will be on always growing wish list of requested remotes development.

There is 72 now. So most will never happen.

thank for your help

So now we have 73 remotes on pending list:)

Looks like someone has already done / started this one

GitHub - K265/rclone at aliyundrive-backend

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