Are there any Linux distros that come with rclone pre-installed

Many linux distros come with important tools already installed. I.e. the user does not need to download a package or run any installation script to install the tool.

Is anyone aware of a Linux distro (preferably a lightweight one) that has rclone already installed as part of the base image?


For rclone, you dont' want use a package manager as it's not maintained on any major distro.

Best to download it and keep it up to date.

ever heard of a distro with rclone built-in and most repositories are out of date.

the only way to have an up to date rclone is
after that to update rclone selfupdate

is there a problem with doing that?

Yes I understand that it is definitely an advantage to have the latest version but I have a use case where I need a linux distro that includes rclone as one of the default tools that is already part of the distro. Like rsync or coretools for example. I do not remember installing these apps they were already there.

I am looking for the same thing with rclone.

Each distro is unique.

Each distro needs a package maintainer to be current.

If you want that for your distro you use, by all means you can do that as that's what's good about open source.

I choose to not and just download and keep it up to date myself as that's work I don't need.

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