Are there any known Jottacloud daily limits?

I'm currently using google drive with rclone mount for a plex library and most days it works great but once each 2 weeks or so when the stars align and im doing a backup, there is lots of plex activity and new media added to library, I'll hit the daily api limit (not the 750GB/day but in API calls or whatever) and the plex server will be effectively offline for a day or so. Not a huge deal but its a bit annoying.

I've been thinking about giving jottacloud a try but I know lots of others have tried already so I figure the answers may already be out there.

I'm aware of the upload speed limitations and I think I'm OK with that - I only have about 5TB of data - the biggest issue I seem to have is the number of api calls the plex server is using per day when scanning libraries and whatnot.

I haven't heard of any limits - except the one you mention, which is documented here.

have you gone into the developer console to check api usage for google drive?

I was referring to Jottacloud.