Are there any fixes in 1.37 planned for the 24h gdrive bans?


I do a lot of seeks within tons of different files (not for video streaming) and often run into the 24h ban. I tried plexdrive v3 and the latest v4 with MongoDB but it’s slower than just rclone and it’s very unstable for me.

I saw several solutions and ideas mentioned both here and github and some are on the 1.37 milestone or on ‘soon’.
Is there anything planned for 1.37 that helps to prevent the 24h Google Drive bans? Is the LRU caching still in the works? Or list caching?

I’m planning to work on list caching after I’ve released 1.37. I had a contributor work information on lru caching - must find out what has happened to that…

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That’s great to hear.

Quick question.
Although I’m not 100% clear what actually causes the 24h bans, I was thinking…
Would ‘rclone cat’ work better compared to how a mount is doing segmented downloads?
Maybe it’s slower initially but if I could do segmented cat’s of ~16MB blocks and then forward the actual smaller segments from the block locally, would that be less hits?
Or is using rclone cat for this a bad idea?