Are there any caveats to using local filesystem as a backend, backed by crypt?

(Operating system: Mac for local file system)

I've been trying to move off cryptomator simply because it's harder to mount cryptomator over a network (especially in a headless scenario), and lack of support for directory caching (a la dir-cache-time in rclone). It also works poorly for lots of small files.

But my use-case is similar to cryptomator: A locally encrypted directory that is synced to a remote file system.

I plan to create an encrypted local remote backed by crypt, and then setup a cron job to sync it remotely to a cloud solution. If I'm on the move, I also want the option to mount and access the cloud storage. This will most likely be google drive.

My question is, are there any caveats to this? Is this the best way to achieve this? Do local file system have polling support to enable dir-cache-time?

i think you are asking about ChangeNotify for polling
local does not support polling, gdrive does.

Now that I think about it, it doesn't make much sense to worry about change notify on a local file system.

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