Apt repository for rclone

Hi all,
I use rclone every day for my backups.
But I write an autoupdate script to have an up-to-date rclone version. Debian repo (even sid) isn't up-to-date.

So I've added rclone into my personal APT repository to make it available for all.

What do you think ? Do you need also beta packages ?
you think we can add the repo into the docs or there are already one I've miss ?

That is nice! How does it work? Does it auto update?

A beta stream would be nice too.

Maybe you could help me set this up for packages.rclone.org or something like that?

Hi @ncw.
I suppose I can help you if you want to create your own. Setting up the repo is the longest.
I have this script to update it every time I update my full setup (almost every days, can be automatic)
I use github release tag to autoupdate. It's a bash, so I can do everything I want, even setting up a Webhooks.

If you want, I can setup packages.rclone.org as an alias of mine until you want to setup yours.

Ideally I'd run a script a bit like that on each completed build (from github actions) to either update the stable or the beta repository.

I see you use repropro - I've used that at work.

Setting up the repository is hard though!

Done !

root@packages:~$ reprepro -b /var/www/repos/apt/debian ls rclone
rclone | 1.50.2 | buster | i386, amd64, armhf
rclone | 1.50.2 | stretch | i386, amd64, armhf
rclone | | sid | i386, amd64, armhf

Like I said, I like doing that and I can help if you prefer using your server.


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After a deeper thinking and discussion on IRC, the apt repo allows us to verify that the sources have not been modified in the meantime. Ideally, it's better to have rclone maintaining their own repo, but they can also put other repo as "unofficial repository" into the install docs.
This way, People warned.

Lot of project don't have a problem with that.

I've also added the scripts used to maintain the repo up-to-date on the main page.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I'll check out your scripts - very useful.

Cloudsmith has also offered to power packages distribution for rclone:

Worth considering, but I'll leave it with @ncw for said consideration. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for setting this up and making it available to people!

I strongly prefer being able to administer my systems this way.

No obligation here; offering because we're huge fans of rclone!

More good reasons to use Cloudsmith:

(1) It is free for open-source (and Cloudsmith is happy to foot the bandwidth bill).
(2) Allows @ncw to control the account, in a serverless way, without the hassle.
(3) Allows hosting on a trusted domain such as the official packages site for rclone.
(4) Supports deb, rpm, alpine, and 16 other packaging formats.
(5) Allows division into channels, so stable and beta are not a problem.
(6) Supports proper "any-distro" and "any-version" packages, unlike repropro. :slight_smile:
(7) Allows you to bring an official GPG signing key, to establish the provenance of rclone.
(8) Can be managed as an org, so ncw can bring additional collaborators/publishers if he wants.
(9) Supports CI services such as CirceCI, so publishing can happen after a new version is pushed.
(10) You can use "raw" (generic) uploads to support any other type of file hosting in the same place (e.g. macos binaries, windows binaries, etc.)
(11) You can use the API to list the latest versions elsewhere (e.g. your own Downloads page).

There are many more good reasons otherwise people wouldn't pay for the commercial offering. :laughing:

Pushing looks like this (for Debian, publishing to the rclone account and stable repository):
cloudsmith push deb rclone/stable/any-distro/any-version rclone-v1.51.0-linux-amd64.deb

Using it is similar to the usual:
curl -sLf "https://packages.rclone.org/public/stable/cfg/gpg/gpg.AB12CD34.key" | sudo apt-key add -
sudo add-apt-repository "deb https://packages.rclone.org/public/stable/deb/any-distro any-version main"
sudo apt-get update && apt-get install rclone

If not, I'm otherwise happy to help with advice/setup instead! :grin:

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I am completely new to Linux (got started only a few days ago) so forgive me if I'm misunderstanding. Right now, if I go into my terminal and run apt install rclone I get version 1.36 (i.e. a really out-of-date version) If I'm getting this right, this forum thread is on fixing this.

In the meantime, should a notice be put up in various places that apt, etc. don't have the latest release? (e.g. rclone homepage) It took me a good bit of Googling to realize that I didn't have the latest version since I figured the package manager dealt with everything, so it might be helpful for future new users like me.

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Indeed, default package manager use debian repository. Rclone isn't up-to-date here because only debian people can maintains this repo.
So I've build my own repo to always have up-to-date rclone. (It's just an additionnal line to add on apt config for user side)
@lskillen propose another public platform to propose the same with more "write" access for @ncw

That's the main discussion.

Thanks for the repo - was searching for my old distro (ubuntu 16.04 LTS) :grinning:


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