Apple dot shenanigans

Short story:

Can you allow noappledouble and noapplexattr to work on non-Apple OS?

Longer version:

I'm filing this under suspected bug because I feel it's a bug/oversight rather than a feature request.

When mounting a remote which is shared via sftp, samba (samba can be configured to ignore them too) etc, and then subsequently accessed via a Mac, lots of ._ files are created as expected and since rclone already has the ability to ignore, why not make the options available to all?

You can just turn it off on the MacOS side too.

Adjust SMB browsing behavior in macOS - Apple Support

Feel free to submit a feature request on the github.

Thanks for the prompt response. This is for .DS_Store files, not the ._ files.

What's the workflow as I'm not really understanding either.

You have a rclone mount shared via SMB to a Mac that is creating the files? Wouldn't you just turn it off on the SMB side?

It's not available to all as the only OS to make it would be Mac so if you are mounting on a Mac, that's really it.

Short answer - no - this is a feature of the macos fuse library.

I guess rclone could emulate it.

However --exclude works on an rclone mount so you could probably use that.

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