API Error 403 - User Rate Limit Exceeded

I think i hit my 750GB upload limit for the day using rclone copy. My question is that the copy stopped at like 85%.

When my limit is lifted can i use rclone copy again and it will ignore the already copied files? To be clear i was copying from an encrypted folder to an unencrypted folder within the same google drive account.

rclone version: v1.54.1
Google Drive
rclone copy

that is correct, as per the docs
"Copy the source to the destination. Doesn't transfer unchanged files"

Thanks! It "should" also be a much faster process than the original 0 to 85% copy correct? Aside from the time it takes to check files.

yes, it should be faster, as there are less files to transfer.

if you have a large amount of data to transfer, that would take days to complete
one way to work around that 750GB hard limit is use use https://rclone.org/docs/#bwlimit-bandwidth-spec

if you set that to 8.5M, i think that is the correct value, then rclone will never upload enough to hit that hard limit in 24 hours.
rclone will continue to upload until complete.

Wonderful thanks!

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