Anyway to check status of sync via terminal for linux

I’ve searched and searched and cannot figure this one out. I currently have it running some big files on my RPi. Once I close the SSH I’ll lose the updates on the sync status of my current operation. Is there anyway to check that as its own standalone command?

How are you running the sync? If you’re running rclone from an SSH session and then you close/disconnect the SSH session, rclone will not continue to run in the background. I would suggest installing something like GNU Screen or tmux so that you can reconnect to a terminal session when you SSH to your RPi again.

The other option, if you’re running rclone via cron or something similar, would be to log the output to a file and then look at the file when you reconnect your SSH session.

ahhh, gotcha. Yeah SSH. Well, good to know, so I won’t disconnect that then. I’ll try tmux, thanks!!

If you want to have it run after you disconnect add nohup to the start so sometimes start things like this

“nohup rclone … &”

The & puts it in the background and the nohup tells it to run after hangup (ssh dession disconnect).

if you want updates, have rclone use a log file and then you can tail the log file if you log back in later

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Perfect, that’s just what I was looking for. Thank you!