Anyway to check google drive upload quota?

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Windows 7

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google drive

google has 750gb/day upload limit, but i could not find anywhere when the time will reset nor i found how to check how much data we still can upload.

is there anyway we can check how much data we can upload to google drive using rclone? like after 10gb upload we can see there is 740gb we can still upload.

There is no way to do that as it's not published nor shown anywhere I'm aware of.

You can use:

The reset time changes based on your upload behavior. I have not been able to determine exactly what triggers a change nor why a certain new time is chosen by Google. It seems entirely random, but I'm sure there is some logic involved. For example, I tend to always upload around the same time once I know when the timer resets. That works great until one day I start uploading a couple of hours later, and all of a sudden the reset timer also changes by a few hours or sometimes more. Then I have to adjust my upload behavior again...

As far as how much quota you have left, I keep track of exactly how much I upload, especially if it's not the whole 750GB at once.

My gut tells me it's some sort of rolling thing. So as you hit thresholds, you get bigger chunks back based on your performance.

I don't upload consistently so I don't worry as much though as I'm definitely not growing 750GB per day.

I do upload very consistently and pretty much always around the same time (usually exactly when the timer resets). Been doing this for years, and I always manage to max out the quota :wink:

BTW, after you and I recently adjusted the pacer and I also started using your --vfs-read-chunk-size 1M, Plex scanning has been a breeze. I've already created a bunch of new libraries and haven't had a single issue with the new scanner/agent.

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