Anyone using nextcloud with rclone mount?


Would Like to Talk about because for me it doesnt Work while i enable thumbnails. The Upload freeze random every time.

Have you tried the latest beta?

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I tried the latest stable Version the Last 5 days. Or do You think there are big Changes to the Beta Version? The Problem is that the Upload freeze.(used --vfs-cache-mode full)

When i disable Thumbnailgeneration in nextcloud, the Upload DOESNT freeze anderen all works good.


Can you post a log with -vv of the problem?

Good News.

I Setup an Raspberry Pi and Test nextcloud with rclone again. and I have to say it works very first tests were with an old laptop which had little power.So I think it was the laptop.

I mount the folder to /media/nextcloud/ and add in the external storage App from nextcloud the folder as local mountpoint and use as “Name” a single / because that means that the root/Home dir from the User is directly the external storage.

In addition, I have outsourced the previews on an extra mount point. Because nextcloud generate A LOT of Data for Previews. So thats realy great time have no “storage Limits” for the Preview Generation.

Thank You. If anyone have questions about my config, Do not hesitate to ask me.

Great - glad you got it working!