Anyone using cloud torrent script with rclone?


I am planning to use a clone torrent script that automates downloading and then upload to my gdrive accounts.

Anyone use a system like that?

How can i do it?


I'd assume you just run something is your 'completed' directory and you can use rclone move if you want to delete the files or rclone copy.

It should be a pretty simple setup from the rclone side.

Do you have more information on the client you are using / OS and your familiarity with writing the scripts?

Doesn't most good modern torrent clients do this natively without need for external scripts? (assuming you don't need to run it as a pure script on some headless device or something).

The important bit would be to make sure you use a local folder for incomplete files (as otherwise large incomplete files will move to and from the cloud many times which is horrendously slow and inefficient). I think most torrent clients can do this including Qbittorrent which I use now. When torrents complete they get moved to it's final location - meaning the transfer to the cloud is an uncomplicated single transfer. Just do this via a mount and it works fine (id use write caching for more protection against occasional errors in upload, but that's ultimately optional). You can seed from that too - at least if you have some form of chunked downloads enabled so it can fetch arbitrary segments somewhat efficiently.

If you need to automate the whole process then I know a lot of clients also support folders where you can just place torrents - and those get automatically picked up and started using default parameters/location.

Perhaps I misunderstood the use-case here. If so please clarify :slight_smile:

I have centOS but i don’t have any scripting ability :frowning:

In fact I would like to combine this cloud torrent script with rclone.

Is there anyone can add rclone function GUI to its interface?

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