Anyone out there got more than 125TB stored with onedrive for business?

I'm wondering if anyone has tested onedrive's policy listed on their sign up page?

  • [*] Unlimited individual cloud storage for qualifying plans for subscriptions of five or more users, otherwise 1 TB per user. Microsoft will initially provide 1 TB per user of OneDrive for Business storage, which admins can increase to 5 TB per user. Request additional storage by contacting Microsoft support. Storage up to 25 TB per user is provisioned in OneDrive for Business. Beyond 25 TB, storage is provisioned as 25 TB SharePoint team sites to individual users.

I'm also wondering if onedrive has any other "traps" out there like super low apilimits or daily quotas or bad speed or anything?

A lot of people are migrating from google to dropbox right now, and apparently dropbox is being meanspirited about it.

I really only need about 150tb to migrate and 20tb per year so onedrive might be okay for me? I'm just leery because there are basically zero threads about it that are recent.

I use OneDrive as a backup for my Google Drive data. I currently have 25TB in my main OneDrive and a individual SharePoint with 25TB. With around 4TB free on each one. I asked like a year ago for another Sharepoint to be ready in case I needed it and support was not super friendly, but they had no issues increasing to 25TB and giving the first SharePoint when I asked (so maybe it was just a clueless rep)

Upload speed is fantastic, but they do heavily throttle requests, there are multiple threads about it with multiple techniques and recommendations to minimize it, but ultimately they do pace you heavily if you are downloading a lot. I had to recover all my data once as I was relying in a free account that ultimately got deleted with no notice.

It ultimately depends on your needs and what you will use with it. But it is a respectable provider that won't turn the lights off one random day.