Anyone found a VPS that can transfer faster than 1gbps from googledrive to dropbox?

Anyone found a VPS that can transfer faster than 1gbps from googledrive to dropbox?

This sounds unlikely, but when I transfered from amazon cloud drive to google drive way back when, I got a VPS from google, as a result my VPS ended up being in the same building as googledrive and amazon cloud drive (in virginia iirc.) It was a nice speed boost.

I doubt such a thing is likely, but well, if anyone has accidentally stumbled upon this, feel free to let us know :slight_smile:

As far as I understand, you can't really use more than 1gbps, you can download a maximum of 10tb from gdrive daily, which is:

, that being close to 115mb/s.

If I were to migrate, I would set my max speed to have a maximum of 9/9.5tb daily, so I won't be close to be blocked by google by accident

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with SA its possible...

Not familiar with what SA means

I'm using BlueVPS, but the speed to upload to Dropbox is not so good, in lucky days, I get up to 50mb/s

I using Oracle VPS at HongKong, the speed reach threshold at 400MiB/s upload to Dropbox and with My NAS at Vietnam is 110MiB/s in stable stage upload to Dropbox.

Ooof has been stuck on pending for like 6hours, the whole point of a VPS is that in theory no one has to do anything to make it exist :frowning:

Anyone else have a recommendation for a good unmetered vps to use for migrating from googledrive to dropbox?

I have to move 135TB ASAP (ideally within 1month) so 1gbps unmetered is key for me. For example oracle VPS I'm struggling to find any information about traffic costs....

Edit: I guess who cares about traffic costs, I can just consume the whole 300$ credit on traffic costs rapidly, then when I'm out of credits, turn it off, and even if I'm only halfway there, I can get the other half from another VPS that's less reliable than oracle? Hmm, seems like a good move. first moments 53MiB/sec need to hit 115MiB/sec to max out google's daily download limit

currently hoping slowdown is due to small files, will check back later :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: DUH silly me, it's actually moving at 106MiB/sec because it's uploading AND downloading on the same connection.

EDIT2: I guess I could just buy two of them, target different sections of the files and run them at the same time. It actually takes 230MiB to max out google drive because I'm uploading and downloading, and 230MiB is more than one 1gbps.

EDIT3: 848mbps is not bad for 17$ I don't mean to shit talk although speed will not improve (most likely) as the current batch of files is now all gigantic not small.