Any way to revert obfuscated filenames without reuploading?

Just backed everything up to B2 using rclone.

While backing everything up, I decided to use obfuscated filenames. (the simple character-rotation one, not the filename encryption)

Decided not long after that it's a huge pain in the ass. Is there any way to remove the obfuscation without having to re-upload all 6TB of data?

Generally, you would reupload it again, but if you are just changing names, you might be able to do some scripting to get it done.

You could in theory do a show crypt name mapping and use the move the file to a new crypt area without the names encrypted using the same passwords/salts.

Check out rclone lsf crypt:somefile --crypt-show-mapping and you could move that to a newly named remote without filename obfuscation.

Im not sure if b2 supports server-side moves. I think that will still download/upload. Although they have copy-delete serverside. It may work.

EDIT: guess this was added.

It does, but there is an open issue for files > 5GB.

Note that a move is quite an expensive operation for b2 as it is a server side copy followed by a delete.

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