Any way to duplicate the strucutre in the current google drive?

Issue: Any way to duplicate the whole structure in a google drive (or team drive), so that I can use the web-ui to move the duplicate contents to my new account.

Background: I have about 9TB worth of data in my college edu account. Now I bought a workspace enterprise account and want to move everything to that. I have created a team drive and was thinking of duplicating everything in my current edu account, use the web-ui (guess: as it won't stop me at 750GB/day) to move the duplicate folders to the team drive (or a shared folder in the new enterprise account), so that everything is also on my new account.
Was thinking if there is a way that rclone can duplicate the entire directory strucutre such as:



|-A      |-Acopy
  |-B      |-Bcopy
  |-C      |-Ccopy
|-D      |-Dcopy
  |-E      |-Ecopy

Then I'll just select the root copy folders and move them over.

on the dest, you could create a root folder /copy

rclone copy source:A dest:/copy/A
rclone copy source:D dest:/copy/D

Not what I wanted, but thanks for the help.
Say we have ud1 and ud2 as two team drives in same account.
What I want to achieve is inside ud1:/data duplicate the directory structure that I have to ud1:/data_copy (everything else is duplicated inside in the same structure as in /data), once it is done I can just use the google drive web ui to move the full folder to my other team drive hopefully without hitting any API limits.

sorry, i guess i am not understanding, you last example is confusing.
ud1:/data duplicate the directory structure that I have to ud1:/data_copy
did you mean to write?
ud1:/data duplicate the directory structure that I have to ud2:/data_copy

Sorry, let me try to phase it in a better way.
ud1, ud2 are two remote team drives in same google account.

ud1 has a folder data with multiple sub directories and files inside them.
Since google drive web ui only allows you to move a folder and not copy it. What I want to achieve is that in ud1 I create another folder called "data-copy" with the same structure of subdirectories as data but all files will be a duplicate (not shortcut but a copy). so that I can move data-copy using the webui to ud2.

P.S. I want to create a copy in the same drive ud1 so as to sort of "work-around" the 750GB/day transfer limit of google. I can move an entire directory using the web-ui without any issues

rclone copy ud1:data ud1:data-copy
then use google gui to copy ud1:data-copy to ud2:data

using google gui, you can copy more then 750GB/day. you know that for sure, have you tested that?

Yes, to my knowledge, the web ui has no limits whatsoever, while I can move the full data folder from ud1 to ud2, I currently want to create a backup of all the data in ud1, hence was trying this approach.

Will verify the same and post here with updates, once I am successful.

One more doubt the first command rclone copy ud1:data ud1:data-copy, will it use server-side copy or use my bandwidth or anything that can hit the 750GB limit? Or is like me creating a copy of all the files in the web ui and moving it to a appropriate folder heirarchy?

that would be server side.

i am not a gdrive expert,
as for hitting that 750GB limit, when copying a file within the same remote, i think it would affect the limit.
that everything you do, gui or not, affects the limit.

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I just tried an rclone copy on my gDrive and it shows as a server side copy

rclone copy -v -P gDrive:test/data gDrive:test/data2
2020-10-19 20:20:06 INFO  : Show/Season 01/Show - 2017-08-27 - Title.mkv: Copied (server side copy)

Now if a copy would impact the 750GB Limit I am not sure. I have recently done moves of folders bigger than 750GB to team drives and those did not get hit by that 750GB limit.

A small update. Finally ended up using service accounts to copy my data to another drive using server side copy.

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