Any unlimited alternative to google drive?


I am happy using rclone with google drive (G suite, unlimited).

I still remember amazon killed the unlimited ACD several months ago.

So just wanna ask,

IF, if G suite is to be killed,

what other clients of rclone could do the same?

as I know the blackblaze B2 client is commercial (dollar / storage) and NOT same as the blackblaze “backup” plan (unlimited)

thank you.

I think the only vaguely serious offer for “unlimited” for a flat fee beside Gsuite is the “normal” (windows/desktop only) Backblaze.

just check-ed some common ones.

dropbox “individual” is supported by rclone BUT it’s not unlimited.
dropbox “business” have unlimited option BUT from this forum, it’s not support-ed.

box “individual” is supported but NO unlimited option.
box “business”, not sure have another set of API, have unlimited storage.

so google is the ONLY one that rclone supports well and come with unlimited storage.

cant imagine what if google suddenly cut the unlimited storage option…

I think the basic file transfer APIs are the same and I believe it does work, provided you don’t want to look outside a users specific folder.

I’m pretty sure I’ve corresponded with box enterprises users and rclone works OK with it. Though there are unsupported authentication methods.

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so let me summarize

the unlimited cloud storage that work with rclone, yet at 20180517-180606:

  1. google drive (g suit)
  2. open drive (may need use beta versions of rclone)
  3. box enterprise (some extra function may not work)
  4. dropbox “businessness” should work MOSTLY.

thank you.

Be aware that unless we’re talking about the top brands “unlimited” doesn’t mean that, it’s always riddled with small print in TOS and/or hidden limits. Case in point Opendrive, even if you’re thinking “heck, I can ride this for a while, I should get my money worth” you’ll might be getting a really short ride. The metered plan (which is half the price of the unlimited) gives you 500GB with daily bandwidth 25GB. Extrapolating from that they’ll have a very different understanding from us about what’s abusing the unlimited. I think you’re much better off just taking a 1-10TB plan than going back and forth with these companies about what’s the meaning of unlimited.