Any new and useful rclone app to use?


I tried rclone for google team drive but i couldn't figure out as i am a little bit newbie to these topics.

Are there any good useful app to use rclone? for newbies?

If not any helpful person can help me? :hugs:


I'm not sure what you are asking for as maybe you can explain it a bit better?

It is hard to deal with commands with terminal. Are there any GUI for rclone?

There isn't any current GUI I'm aware of.

rclonebrowser is old and hasn't seen an update in some time.

hmm ok. so we should get it done with command line then?

My use case is a mount so only thing I really do is mount something and forget about it :slight_smile:

So for me, it's all CLI.

I couldn't figure out how rclone works, i tried but it was too confusing for me for the first time :slight_smile:
so one time we mount it, does it show on our finder favorites column? we don't need to deal with command line again?
how to encrypt files?

a) at
This is two years old and works partially, as renames and server side copies are faulty.
There is a newer fork that goes well



See also third party integrations page of rclone wiki


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