Any ideas to get real time monitoring working with Emby?

Inotify doesn't work with Fuse and that means that Emby/Jellyfin real time monitoring feature doesn't work for rclone mounts.

There are some solutions for Emby/Jellyfin similar to Plex_autoscan, but unlike plex_autoscan, once the new file is detected they trigger full library scan (which can 1-3 hours if all your media is in the cloud).

Therefore I was wondering if any of you find a way to get it working somehow.

Assuming you are using Google Drive, just use and use Google Drive monitoring.

Plex_autoscan unfortunately doesn't support Emby yet.

You can track this issue for when they add support:

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My mistake as I just misread the question. Thanks @darthShadow for correcting me.

But even if that's implemented that won't be enough to be as good as plex_autoscan :frowning:

I tried to implement the code mentioned there and I failed so I came up with my own modification of the code (after countless errors of trial and errors) to finally notice that a a POST call to /Library/Media/Updated just triggers a full scan of the library, which can take a long time in your content is hosted in a non-local rclone remote

Just in case someone wants to try themselves via a simple curl command. Here you got:
curl -d '{"Updates":[{"Path":"/path/to/movies/batman (2020)/batman (2020) - 1080p.mkv","UpdateType":"Created "}]}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://localhost:8096/emby/Library/Media/Updated?api_key=EMBY-API-KEY

As I said for me it just forces a full library scan. We might not be able to progress more due to Emby API design

What do you mean it would take a long time?

A normal Emby scan for me takes about 30-40 seconds when it's already analyzed.

That must be local content right? With my gdrive library the full library scans (> 50TB) take betwen 2-4 hours...

Anyway my comment from above can be ignored. I have noticed that Sonarr posts requests sent via Emby Connect are actually triggering individual scans of the tv shows rather than full library ones!
The curl command I posted above triggers full library scan, so certainly there must be something that needs to be changed ony my curl command so it can have the same effect than Sonarr Emby Connect.

Now I just need to find out how to create a curl POST command like the POST sent by Sonarr Emby Connect. Any help would be highly appreciated.

PS: The POST sent from Radarr Emby Connect isn't received for some reason.

Once it is scanned, it really doesn't matter if it's local or not local. I have 106TB online and it takes a little over a minute to scan which is the same behavior from Plex.

Wow, what are your library advanced settings?
I use your rclone mount settings and on the Library Scan settings it takes loooong

The only things I would definitely have off is Thumbnail creation and I do not store my images with the media.

So all this is off:

Sonarr uses the same API. There must be something different in your setup.

Apologies for replying to an "oldish" post.

First and foremost I would love to know how animosity managed to get his/her library scan down to such a short amount of time.

My library is fully analysed and it takes me around 10 hours for a full scan. I do have around 700TB of content but still this is not feasible.

I have tried other solutions like this one:, however after managing to set it up it didn't work. Guessing the code is quite new.

For my own stuff, sonarr, radarr and lidarr (with 4k versions) send a notification to emby so no issues there. My problem is with the content on separate team drives, in which case at the moment the only thing that picks it up is a manual scan (again, 10 hrs +).

If anyone can shed any light on this that would be great!

i also dont have long scan times. Make sure to disable .nfo files generation on library level, disable thumbnails generation for chapters also. Save all files (artwork, subtitles, ..) localy on emby server and soon you will have fast scan times.

p.s i m using also a cache backend, but this few things i wrote will greatly improve scanning speed.

I'm doing all that.

I don't have any nfos being generated (in fact I have removed the nfo plugin just in case), and all the metadata lives locally.

In the end I finally managed to resolve my issue.
2 very important flags for rclone_vfs:
--dir-cache-time set to 1000hrs
--poll-interval set to 1 min
Scan time has gone down from 11hrs to around 15 mins :slight_smile:

How much did the poll interval help? I haven't tried that command yet.

--poll-interval is already 1 minute by default

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