Any ETA for version 1.37?


I successfully used rclone together with ACD ( Brilliant piece of software, congrat’s NCW) I just resigned ACD dur to the recent rclone BAN and moved to Onedrive.

All my backups were crypted using the layered CRYPT remote

I thus canceled my ACD account and bought an Office 365 Family account

Now, I’m busy adapting my scripts and reupload everything to onedrive.

I got an error message:

ERROR : CalibreKOBOEtienne/CalibreKOBOEtienne/Christopher M. Buechler/pfSense_ The Definitive Guide Version 2.1 (728)/pfSense_ The Definitive Guide Version 2.1 - Christopher M. Failed to copy: invalidRequest: pathIsTooLong: Path exceeds maximum length

By checking the git commit log I see quite a few commits since last release in the crypt and onedrivre area… ( obfuscation of filename instead of encryption, Fixes for spaces in filenames…)

Is the ETA for v1.37 already known ??
Thanks Again

You shouldn’t need to wait - try a beta which will already contain those commits.

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Brilliant !!

Indeed I waited way too long before posting my question !!

Thanks a lot for the link !!!

Have a nice Evening ( from here in Europe )

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As for when 1.37 will be out - I’ve been trying to keep to a 6 weeks or 2 months release schedule, but I’ve failed this time due to family reasons.

It will definitely be out before 28 June as that is when the dropbox v2 API shuts off so I’ll probably start the stabilization process shortly!


Thanks for the feedback NCW !!

Your work is very much appreciated and… life and family come first … way ahead of go hacking :wink:

Wish you the best !