Any chance for Rclone to access Box from China?


I'm developing an "measurement and monitoring" solution that will be installed in China. I'm using Rclone to copy periodically the files generated by the monitoring system into a Box folder. The prototype is made in France : it works great (stable) and was very simple to implement !

But my concern is : will Rclone continue to be able to post files on Box through the "Great Chinese Firewall" ?

thank you in advance,

Is there a bug tracker for China?

I'd send an email to box support asking if box is accessible in China.

If you get an answer please post it here too - thanks!


I progress on this topic :slight_smile:

  • "box-com" is not available in china
  • "boxcn-net" is the way to access box from china

Then I downloaded Rclone sources from Github and modified related url to reach "api-boxcn-net" instead of "api-box-com". The most tricky part concern jwt tokens because you will have to differentiate url and 'Aud' claim in your API call.

Everything works fine from france with this modifications... I have two months to wait before testing it in china.

PS : I replaced "." by "-" in url because of forum rules :wink:

Well done!

Want to send a pull request for this? Sounds useful.

Why not.
I suggest to wait for the test in real Chinese conditions :slight_smile:

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Great - look forward to the pull request :slight_smile:

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