Any Alternative Services to Google Workspace with Unlimited Storage That Work with Rclone?

I know there's another thread discussing this but it's quite long and was started a few months ago. Things have changed since then. I think some services such as Dropbox have since cancelled their unlimited storage.

What are the current options for alternatives to Google Workspace which have unlimited storage that work with rClone?

I have over 1 PB of data in my Workspace account. There was talk about buying a few users and possibly staying with Google Workspace. Is that possible? I ask because Workspace support told me that if I continue to subscribe for about £15 per month then my data will be kept forever but I won't be able to upload anything new. But what happens if I continue subscribing to the new plan by buying a few users so I can upload new data, will they still keep my old data then even though it's over the storage limit?

There's a whole other thread with the same topic.

Closing this out as a duplicate.