Ansible - PlexStack

Hi all,

I’ve written a Plex Stack playbook for Ansible including Amazon drive support using rclone and encfs using custom mount scripts. In the process of writing the upload script. I’m undecided on whether to do after Sonarr grab or every x hours. Same goes for movies.

Currently tested on Debian so will run on Ubuntu.

Stack so far: NGINX for proxy Plex Rclone Encfs/UnionFS Couchpotato Sonarr Ombi NZBGet


This will improve over time, aiming for fully automated deployment including rclone config.

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Sorry, but what is this for?

Its for deploying a plex stack based on rclone to acd connector.

Only acd or also for gdrive?

Its built for amazon as thats what I have but happy to create another branch in the future for gdrive

Happy to here this. :slight_smile:

Can you create a github issue please :slight_smile:

I’ve just done the issue.

Is this still available somewhere? Repo seems to be deleted. I’m looking for a head start on automating setting up rclone on my server with ansible