Android: How to explore Crypted GDrive folder

Hi all,
I have a got question.
I have an encrypted folder on my GDrive and I use Rclone (1.51.0) to upload files to it
There is a way I can explore this folder using my Android Smartphone? Obviously I want to see the files in their "decrypted status"

Thanks :slight_smile:

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good question.
yes, you can explorer encrypted folders on android.

the easy way is to use rcloneExplorer from

  1. side-load that app onto your phone.
  2. copy your rclone.conf from your computer to your phone
  3. run rcloneExplorer and point it to your rclone.conf

the hard way is to use termux

  1. install termux from play store
  2. termux has a built-in ssh server if you want to use that.
  3. install rclone from termux using command pkg install rclone
  4. copy your rclone.conf from your computer to your phone
  5. write rclone command on the command line
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Side-load? That is an apk.. Can I just install it? I have root and unlocked bootloader

sure, it is just a .apk. install it any way you want.

You could also use, which is actively supported, to plug my own fork.

thanks for sharing you link.

i will take a look at your link.
what makes you version better then the version i shared?

am i correct that the apk is 61.8MB, if so, why so big?
should i install the universal-release.apk?

ok. i downloaded your version and it look ok.
and i see that you are keeping it up to date.

Better? That's probably for the users to decide. But it will probably work better, especially if the user used a recent rclone version on their computer.

The fork is actively supported, meaning that it has fewer bugs (some not verified in the original) and security issues and more features. It has also been updated for Android 10 and newer rclone versions, with support for 1.50.2 in the current release and 1.51.0 in testing (compared to 1.44 original). You can also avoid sideloading by registering for the Google Play distribution test.

For the "full" rclone experience, I would always recommend using Termux - which is why I've been working on sharing configs between termux rclone and the app.

No, only if you don't know the CPU architecture of your device - details

EDIT: missed the second post - but I pretty much already answered it

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All APKs are for Android, with the universal release covering all possible devices1 running Android 5+ (and possibly Chromebooks? I never tested that). However, you save a few megabytes if you know the exact type of CPU instruction set your device uses.

There isn't a mips version, but mips support was dropped before Android 5, so it wouldn't run anyway.

1 Phones and Tablets - Android TV only if you have keyboard/mouse attached

thanks, the univeral is working fine.

my kernel is armv7l, cpu is arm cortex-a53, which is 64-but.

which version should i use?

Kernel version matters more I think, so armeabi-v7a.

Since the 1.10 releases, you can generally update universal --> 32 Bit --> 64 Bit within the same version because the internal version code is designed that way, i.e. you can install a different architecture over the old one without uninstalling the previous one. Unless you absolutely need those 40MB of space though I wouldn't do it since that is literally the only difference. And you can just change the architecture with the next update.

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Your version works very well

Thanks to both of you! Really thanks :slight_smile:

Use x0b versions from the start.
Very useful and good support!

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