An indispensable tool. THANK YOU!

The story began a few months ago. I was a person who was trying to find 'software' to back up my data so that I do not have to get my brain cells fried if I lose my primary source of data. It was a vain search because it either led me to those expensive options or that software which are half baked. I had heard about Rclone at the time through searches, but the CLI dependency turned me off.

Guess what! As of today, I can't imagine living the digital life without Rclone. The CLI doesn't bother me a bit now. In fact, I haven't used the GUI more than a few times :joy: (so much for a CLI hater).

I want to review what I have achieved with Rclone, and here it goes.

Rclone has become an indispensable tool for me, and I was looking to manage my cloud storage empire. It's straightforward to use and provides an outstanding level of control, security, and flexibility regarding data management. With its built-in timestamp support and checksum verification, Rclone ensures that my data is secure and accurate. It's also fast and efficient, allowing me to quickly and easily transfer data between different cloud storage providers. Rclone is a reliable, user-friendly tool that has saved me time and resources while helping me manage and migrate my data easily.

Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this fantastic being. Cheers to all the developers, the leader and the awesome community members for make this a place filled with warmth and help. I am new to the community and will try my best to contribute much more than I have taken.

Thanks once again!


On behalf of all the contributors - you are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same here, this tool is great.
I wish I knew golang so I could help out.