Amazon WorkDocs

I'm curious if any thought has been given to supporting Amazon WorkDocs in a future release?


Not heard of that before. It seems to have an API though... Want to make a GitHub issue about it so we can collect interest?

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I just discovered RClone, and the 2nd thing I looked for was Workdocs. ( #1 was s3, and #3 was S3 versions)
This would be a great addition. Workdocs is used often in companion with AWS Workspaces (where you get a free workdocs account). Their first interface was a pure 'whole bucket' sync app - that failed miserably when you have more data in workdocs then you have space for on your local machine. Last year they came out with a much better version that is more of a cached remote mount. Available for windows and mac only. Same time they came out with the SDK. Ive used the sdk enough to implement a basic CLI -- to validate it works reliably. Its fairly similar to other cloud storage, has a kinda 'hokey' "Folder Root" concept ( implements the 'Shared By Me' and "Shared With Me' shares), under that is a hierarchical listing and get/put api. Files are in 'folders', both are identified by IDs. You can lookup IDs from names and reverse, but have to use the IDs for all API calls. Versioning and annotation/metadata is well supported. Webhooks/Notifications are well implemented (you can register a webhook to watch and intercept changes)
Files are stored in S3, but you don't get direct access to them except on 'download' were a signed S3 URL is exposed (per file, you cant go get the whole bucket except 1 at a time).
So far seems to be as reliable as s3, which of course is should be as it is s3 -- except a layer of document management API. The drive mounting on windows and mac is fairly reliable but can get 'stuck' occasionally, and makes heavy use of local cache so its hard to tell exactly whats going on.

rclone would be awesome
The handling of versions, metadata and some small amount of collaborative workflow (implemented on top of the metadata and versioning) suggests supporting the native versioning would be highly useful (but not absolutely necessary).

Having some kind of consistent interface for versioned files in workdocs vs s3 vs other-verssionable-backends would be very valuable. I stumbled on rclone looking to see if anyone had implemented a S3 version <--> GIT sync tool (turn each S3 version into a git commit) ...
A good basic use case for synchronized versioning is to sync backups from one cloud to another or within one cloud to different regions/buck3ets etc and preserve versioning.
Could not preserve the same version ID (natively), preserving the order and ideally dates would be awesome. An example: Im using S3 versions in one application as a form of auditing and replay of transaction events. But if I have to archive or move the data to a different bucket/region/provider all that vanishes, so Im stuck looking at having to extract version indexes as seperate files and manually collecting all the versioned files, renaming the etc.


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