Amazon S3 + Rclone + AWS Import/Export for initial load/backup?

Hello. I’ve got a personal home server that I use for all my personal files, pictures, documents, etc… I am going to use Rclone with an Amazon S3 instance as an offsite backup.

The initial load/backup will be about 1 TB. I think with my internet it’d probably take a week of constant uploading to finish.

So I was thinking/wondering if I could use the AWS Import/Export offering to mail the initial 1 TB for loading into my S3 instance and then keep everything in sync using Rclone.


rclone stores things as standard objects so I would think this would work fine.

rclone stores the modification time as a bit of metadata so on your first sync it would update the metadata of all the files to set the modtime. This shouldn’t take too long.

Awesome. Thank you. Once I clean up the data I think I’ll give it a swing.

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