Amazon fix for rclone mount: open files in write mode :)

With this fix you could now mount setup your torrent files directly in mount without any problems now.

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Sorry to be thick but what does this do? Does it make the mount for amazon drive more reliable?

Basically before it was tricky to write directly to mount since you could either open or write to the file but not both.
For example if you wanted to point you torrent client to download directly to the cloud it would not really work since torrent client need to open file and write partial changes to it.

With this change now the mount is behaving more like regular drive and beside speed I dont think there would be any difference now for mounting some normal network mount or amazon drive.

p.s. It does not do anything for speeding up process or making ACD more reliable as thats not on rclone side.

I understand now thank you. I know the performance of amazon drive is out of rclones hands but I am looking forward to when it’s reliable to write directly to a mount and this is a step in that direction.

What it does is allow you to use rclone copy to copy stuff onto an rclone mount.

It doesn’t change how the rclone mount behaves at the moment - sorry!

Ah so I got overexcited :slight_smile: well hopefully when with it will behave as mount without such limitations.