Amazon Drive - files prefixed with period

Hi, I’m in the process of moving my stuff from GDrive to Amazon Cloud Drive, but while uploading using the Cloud Sync app on MacOS, all files prefixed with a period (e.g., “.gitignore”, “.idea”, etc) are failing.

Does the same issue occur for rClone - i.e., is it an Amazon Cloud Drive limitation, or just a bug/limitation in their Amazon Drive sync app? If it works for rClone, I’ll ditch their app and move to running rClone as a periodic background job…


FIles starting with . work fine with rclone!

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Fab. Thanks for confirming! Will switch to rclone then! :slight_smile:

Tried it this afternoon, and works a treat. I’ll be switching to use rclone on my Synology too, as it’s so much better than the cloud sync tools that Synology offers.

Thanks. I love this tool!