Amazon Cloud Drive support status?

Hi there,

I’m trying to move my data from ACD to OpenDrive, but I’m stuck on rclone’s ACD configuration.

I tried my own client_id/clinet_secret, but ended up with a 400 Bad Request “An unknown scope was requested” error from Amazon when I hoped to get the code during the configuration process. So, I tried to use the given quixotic proxy (Proxy for Amazon Cloud Drive), the configuration worked, but ACD won’t respond to any rclone command :
rclone about acd:
2018/07/06 15:26:40 Failed to create file system for “acd:”: failed to get endpoints: HTTP code 429: “429 Too Many Requests”: response body: “{“message”:“Rate exceeded”}”

Is ACD still working/supported with new rclone installations ? If not, are there any alternative ?

Thank you !

PS : iMac computer !

Unless you have your own working Amazon Key, there isn’t much to do as the rclone keys were revoked.

“your own working amazon key”. I got it. You mean, Amazon has to whitelist my client_id/client_secret so that rclone can use them. Isn’t it ?

Have you got any tuto / example on how to make it work, please ?

The official documentation is toooooo verbose. It seems that the client_id/secret in the “security profile” isn’t what is needed. It seems there are many different APIs on amazon. It’s difficult to understand what to do.

Unless you requested a key for the drive API a few years back, you can’t get one now.

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Thank you, it’s clearer to me now.