Amazon Cloud Drive proxies/workaround

Original post - Proxy for Amazon Cloud Drive

Back when rclone was banned from ACD, lots of us migrated elsewhere, like Google Drive. I got all my data transferred at the time and stopped using ACD. I forgot to cancel my auto-renewal and only noticed last week. Since it’s there and I don’t have a backup of most of what I transferred to GD, I decided to use the proxy method demonstrated in the post above to copy content I acquired in the meantime (and new content) over to ACD.

Transferring from my seedbox (either using rclone to copy new stuff directly, or using rclone to copy from GD > ACD) has suddenly bombed. I get 100s of MB/s when transferring to my VPS. I get ~80 when copying to GD, but ACD had dropped to ~2MB/s.

I also tried piggybacking on a different app (Cloudberry) to see if the speeds would change, but they remained the same. Anyone else had their ACD speeds severely limited lately?

UPDATE: If I limit the number of transfers to 1 (default 4) then I get ~25MB/s. Still nowhere near GD, but 10 times faster than before.

UPDATE2: Pointless exercise now as Amazon UK has dropped the unlimited plan (£55) and the new pricing structure would cost me £1599.80. Slight increase. Oh well.

Yes indeed

Your Amazon storage plan is changing

Amazon no longer offers an unlimited storage plan. You can stay on your existing plan until the end of your subscription, or visit Manage Storage to see the new plan options. New annual storage plans start at 100 GB for £16.99, 1 TB for £79.99 and up to 30 TB for an additional £79.99 per TB. Prime members’ unlimited photo storage benefit is not changing.

I shan’t be renewing it. I have to say ACD has been super unreliable and a complete PITA to interface with!

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