Amazon Cloud Drive newbie question

Hi there -

Just started using rclone with Amazon Cloud Drive. All I really want to use it for is a backup of my videos (~8 TB.) I don’t need to stream to PLEX with the data as I’m fine having a copy locally as well. It’s having TWO copies that’s a bit of a problem.

I’ve read on my posts here that ACD is flaky, so maybe this is normal.

It’s been running for about 5 days and I have about 4 TB to upload.

The command line says it’s uploaded 9575.106 Gbytes (22.948 MByte/s), but ACD only has 2.2 TB of data (although obviously about 50 files are in progress.) So it seems I get maybe 30% of my upload speed as usable data.

It seems that I regularly get a file to 100%, then it just sits there for a bit saying 0 Bytes/s, ETA: 0s and eventually starts over. This is normal with ACD I take it?

I thought maybe it was a case of how long it takes to upload the files but I’m not sure I can do it any faster. When I tell it to transfer just 1 file it transfers around 650kB/s, which is far less than my upload limit. So I just ran the command with -50 transfers. Does anyone know if ACD can accept a faster upload per file?

At some point (I never noticed when and haven’t seen one happen) I started having it list some Errors in it’s progress indicator. I’m assuming those are files where it failed 3 times and just gave up (the default retries is 3 right?)

Also, what are the “checks?” It’s been the number 37 forever and hasn’t moved in at least 3 days.

Maybe I’ll give GSuite a try after this, from what I hear it’s much more stable.

Thanks for any and all help.

I was on ACD too before and was using acd_cli but as soon as I started with GSuite, I don’t want back to Amazon anymore.

GSuite is way faster and more reliable.

It’s just doesn’t have much support.

Linux and MacOS:
rclone mount - cause you ban but overall has good performance and good handling about new files.
node-gdrive-fuse - is the best in performance but the project discontinue (it’s still working but you have to unmount it and delete the data to refresh the new changes)
ocamlfuse - it’s ok, but for streaming is not good, I get corrupted view with it and the buffer of node-gdrive-fuse is way ahead of this.

But if you have Windows, you can use like netdrive too, which I heard it’s pretty good, but I never get chance to use it, (Mac user here)

PS. But that being said, depend on your usage, each might have different outcome for you.

Yes, alas. ACD seems really unreliable with big files - rclone does its best, but retrying is the only solution.

More transfers is fine. Uploads with ACD are quite variable!

That is correct. If you retry the sync, it will clean those ones up.

Checks are when it sees whether something needs uploading and decides it is OK. If you re-run a sync you’ll get lots of checks and not many transfers.

Thank you all very much for the help/information!

So I thought I’d give a G Suite a try, but it’s asking for my business Domain name, which as an individual I obviously don’t have one.

Do you guys all have domains that are using it? I have never needed one in the past, so I don’t have some domain.

Well you have a 2 option:

  1. Get domain from any other places and pay monthly fee, or get from here and it’s lifetime domain (so far I have it more than 5 months now)
    Lifetime.Hosting Deal
    and after that you can sign up for GSuite for $10 a month

  2. You can find other GSuite package like this and buy from them, there is no guaranty on it that if they delete your account or not, because you only pay one time $10
    GSuite - eBay
    This way you only pay that one time fee and nothing else, but it’s a little bit risky, and it might nothing ever happen to it, so make sure you have backup of your file. (also if you worry that they can see your file, don’t worry, they can’t)

Hey thanks that’s a big help.

Both options seem a bit shady. I wonder if GSuite continues to check if you still have the domain. If not, then the first option sounds better.

Well nothing in this word is promise anymore, as of now Google is not enforcing you to have 5 user on the GSuite, which if they enforce you to have it, that first option, you won’t have unlimited storage anymore, which with the second one you might have, because I’ve seen a lot of people purchase from that place.

But either way, Google to me is the best option compare to Amazon, it’s faster and more reliable.

Right that makes sense.

I guess if I understood in what way they can sell these accounts for a tiny one time fee then maybe I could make a better choice.

When you get a domain is your google account attached to that domain in the sense that that’s part of your URL? I mean if at some point you lost the domain do you automatically lose that account somehow?

I’m not sure of that, but for setting up the GSuite, you need the domain, and it will ask you to setup email and routing for it too, so I’m not sure what will happen if you lose the domain later on.

Basically that GSuite will attached to that domain, and all the file would only be available within that domain, you can share those file with other people, but you can’t transfer the ownership of the files.

Thanks again. I really appreciate your help with this.

I’m glad I was helpful, I don’t have much experience in it, but if you stuck in it, let me know.