Rclone is no longer working with amazon clouddrive.
I am demanding for refund.

They refunded mine. Everyone should ask.

Are they still allowing you to remove the data after the refund basically are you just getting the year for free or they are cancelling your account.

They refunded mine and i have 180 days to get my files off. I can still see them but I cant upload any more. I got a 100% refund and my payment was in December.

Did you contact via chat or phone? i spoke to someone via phone and they argued that rclone is not their app so it’s not their problem.

Phone… but I’d call back if I were you and say that 2 Linux tools were banned and there is no longer an option for Linux.

So you basically cancelled and demanded a refund and they give you 180 days to get the files off?

no. They automatically give you 180 days after a cancellation. I just asked nicely for my money back because I could no longer use the service from Linux since they banned the two linux tools that I needed.

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I asked for my money back, my renewal was in dec as well they only offered me a prorated of 30 bucks, waste i might as well just keep it for the next 6 months as a backup then chuck it. I keep getting told it’s not their issue they never supported Linux.

That is unfortunate and so unlike amazon. In my case as well they gave me full refund and 180 days to donwload my stuff. Whatever this issue might be, amazon’s customer service was always flawless for me.

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In case you like me, are going to hold out and hope that rclone starts working for ACD again at some point in the future, still works - It’s not free and nowhere near as useful as rclone, but it still works for syncing most things…