Am I understanding poll-interval correctly?

I have a query about how poll-interval works:

Setup is:

  • OSX Mojave
  • Gdrive -> Crypt
  • VFS (not backend) cache.

I then add a file directly to Gdrive server-side using another PC.

My understanding is that the OSX mount should be informed up to 1 minute later (the default poll-interval) that there is a change server-side. This would trigger the OSX mount to update it’s directory/file database and thus the mount should never be out of sync for more than 60 seconds.

Is this how it works?

I ask because I am getting inconsistent syncs from the OSX mount:

  • Immediately after starting the mount fresh with a --cache-db-purge, if I then add a new file server-side the poll-interval works and the OSX mount updates.
  • But after a period of time this seems to stop working. I keep adding files server-side and they don’t trigger a refresh on the OSX mount.

Any thoughts?

It should show up 1 minute. If you can add a file and grab a debug log, it should show the polling cycle and if any changes were detected.