Am I right here? Newbie question of rclone cache

Hey folks,

hopefully I am right here.

I have a Synology NAS with docker instances of radarr, sonarr, plex, rtorrent and so on.
I have 2 internal hdd drives, and 2 external drives.
Knowing that external drives mostly aren't the best solution for 24/7 usage,
I mostly disconnect them from power.

BUT, I want radarr and plex knowing, that the files are still there, but just not connected.
I tought I could cache files and paths with mergerfs cache.files=full, but if I unmount the drives, the folders and files are gone.

Is it possible with rclone cache, to suggest plex and radarr, that the files are still there?
I guess, when fully re-scanning/indexing the library, plex and radarr recognize that there is something faulty,
but this isn't what i want. Its okay to re-scan/index files, only when the external drives are connected.

But i hope, after indexing, both are just "pinging" the files, for checking whether something changed, or not.

So, hopefully, rclone cache is able to do so. Can somebody confirm, that caching would do the trick?
mergerfs cache didnt do. And this experience cost me one complete day of struggling around with docker, shared volumes and so on :stuck_out_tongue:

And if rclone would do the trick, maybe somebody it willing to push me into the right direction, what i have to care about.

kind regards

That's for memory, nothing to do with physical storage:

cache.files=full: Enables page caching. Underlying files cached, mergerfs files cached across opens.

I'm not sure what you mean. The cache backend stores files on disk that are accessed. You don't really 'suggest' anything. The cache backend is not maintained and will be replaced soon enough.

If drives are disconnected, any files on them disappear.

I'm having a hard time following what you want to happen if the drives go away as the files go away too.

Hopefully it's not the lack of english skills.

I try to explain in less words:
If all drives are connected and mounted, i want to index/file-scan with plex and radarr.

I'm looking for solution for:
when unmounting external drives, the files should be still "visible" for these services.
because if radarr is checking the presence, the files are marked as missing.

i hope there is a solution, to "fake the presence". i thought, the services just checking the presence, and if size and time didnt change, they didnt mark as "missing".

rclone is for cloud storage and doesn't really meet the use case you describe.

Okay, ignoring the usecase with a hdd.

Is it possible to cache file- and folder structure for services like radarr or Plex, that they don't recognize that Media-Files are missing, because the source isn't present?

No, files don't really go missing with cloud storage either.

If you have a path go away, it becomes unavailable in Plex and the next scan would pick it back up.

Just have to make sure empty trash on scan is off.

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