Am I going to run into trouble if I do simultaneous uploads to Google Drive?

I think this is more of a Google Drive question than rclone but I'll still try here. Let's say I have four folders I need to sync or back up to my Google Drive. Is it okay if I open four instances of rclone on powershell/cmd and do an upload on each one of them? I'm worried that my account might get restricted or suspended if I do this.


Do you mean you need to sync these 4 folders from different locations (e.g. different disks, or servers...)?
If not, can't you sync the root folder that contains these 4 folders? And therefore run only on script?

In fine, Google won't suspend your account.
So far, as long as you don't upload more than 750Gb per day, you'll be fine.
If you hit that quota, Google will temporarily stop download/upload for 24 hours.

why not run a single instance of rclone and increase --transfers

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