Always show progress of file transfers

I am in the process of making a backup to my GSuite remote, and I want to check the progress of the transfers that I'm doing. I know about the --progress flag, but is there a way to show the progress of all file transfers as a default, without having to include the progress flag?

what is your operating system?
what is your command?

on linux, you can use a log file and view the real-time output using tail.

on windows, you can use powershell
an editor that supports tail, like notepad++

I'm running Windows 10, and the command I would usually use is something like

rclone move src remote:dest --delete-empty-src-dirs --progress

not sure what you need?

You could use -P as its shorter.

I'd like to be able to see the progress of a move without using the --progress flag if that's possible.

not sure what you mean?
you want to see the progress without using the --progress flag?

perhaps, you can use a log file

Perhaps if you explain WHY you want to avoid using -P but still see progress, we can better assist.

Options for seeing progress are tailing a log file as others have said, the -P that you're trying to avoid, -v and -vv

But, what's the ultimate goal? That'll help us advise.

Edit: another option might be the WebGUI or RcloneBrowser?

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