Always keep some files local when mounted

When the remote drive is mounted, I want to keep some files on a local disk. Is t possible?

Always not really but when needed yes - simply mount with full cache mode and set --vfs-cache-max-age to something like 9999h

There might be some other creative workarounds - if you explain what and why exactly you want to achieve maybe we can think about solution.

For example if you could isolate files you always need into single directory on your remote than it would be possible to use two rclone mounts and rclone union/combine to unify them into one directory. It would allow to always cache some files and much less or even not at all others.

I puted some huge game saves on remote drives. Every time i launch the game i need to redownload the all game saves. So it needs a long time to launch the game. :dotted_line_face:

Use this command:

rclone mount /mountpoint --vfs-cache-mode full --vfs-cache-max-age=9999h --vfs-refresh --vfs-fast-fingerprint --dir-cache-time 9999h --vfs-cache-max-size 100G

Adjust --vfs-cache-max-size to specify how much max disk space you want to use for caching

It will be slow first time you open your game but then files will be local and second time will be much faster.

You can kind of accomplish this with a mixture of union with a :writeback remote and mount with full cache. You will likely need to do some manual management though

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