Alternative to Google Drive - Can't rely on it, too slow

I recently started using RClone to send all my web server files to Google Drive.

I needed to restore a site over the weekend. Its approx. 500Mb or so. But getting the files from Google Drive was a nightmare!

First, trying to download or choose "Available Offline" for the folder resulted in HOURS of Google Drive downloading and and its never stopped. And I get these popups asking do I want to keep downloading? So I gave up on that.

So within Google Drive I selected all folders and choose Download, so it compressed them and downloaded them. That also took hours! BUT when the zip file eventually downloaded it was missing half the folders when I uncompressed it!

In the end I gave up and did not restore the site and fixed the issues.

But my backups are critical in case to obtain old backups of files for websites. Including database exports. Its clear I cannot rely on Google Drive.

Has anyone had better experiences with others, such as Amazon or Dropbox?

I need the files to be on the cloud and not my computer as I dont have enough space on my computer, but I just need to be able to click Download and considering I am on superfast broadband here it really should not take long to download 500Mb or even a couple of Gbs. But Google Drive seems to go into a frenzy, my CPU fans are maxed out when Google Drive kicks in.

Ideally I would have another server and SFTP access, but I need at least 2Tb so its quite expensive to have a server with that space, hence trying cloud storage providers.



500MiB or 2TiB are very small amounts of data, should be easy to download from gdrive or any cloud provider.
any provider can handle that

that happens when using rclone or using the official gdrive app?

if you would answer the questions in the help and support template, we can help you understand that is going on with gdrive.

here is what i do, to keep costs down.

keep recent backups in wasabi, s3 clone, for $5.99 for 1TiB/Month
keep older backups in aws s3 deep glacier, for $1.01 for 1TiB/Month

The Google Drive app... I have a Macbook and it just goes crazy. Constant CPU fans syncing. There is one website I needed to restore so clicked "Available offline" and it took all day to download several GBs but thousands of files. This now syncs every day and so CPU and fans are going crazy. So I clicked "Online only" to stop its syncing and it wont do it.. some folders stay as syncing and every day my computer is syncing this one website. I have just had enough of Google Drive, its not a reliable means to restore data from if I cannot even get the files.

wasabi was mentioned on another forum I am on for my hosting provider, so might check it out. I may go back to my local raspberry pi!

i use wasabi, a great s3 clone, tho it depends on the use-case.

tho, there are so many options,
check out hetzer storage box. many ways to access the storage

if cost is the primary issue and do not plan to access the files once upload, aws s3 deep glacier is the way to go.

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