Alternative name/location for in-progress downloads

I tried searching through the docs and the forums, but found only this one hidden reference to what I’m trying to achieve: Add flag to delete incomplete files on exit - #3 by ncw

Basically, I am trying to get rclone copy/move to be atomic, i.e. files that are being downloaded should be stored in some other directory, given a special name, and/or locked so no other processes can interfere, and only be moved to the actual target directory/renamed/unlocked once the transfer is completed.

I expect there are many use cases for this, mine is syncing large files from a remote into a watched directory - currently I need to do this in two steps, rclone move to a temporary directory, if it exits successfully, move everything into the final destination. It would be great if rclone had this feature available natively and I could just specify something like --incomplete-files-dir=foo/bar/.

If this is already possible somehow, please tell me & apologies I missed it in the docs if so, I tried different search terms but ... you know.

This isn't possible at the moment. There is an issue about this I believe. The idea would be to implement something like rsync's --partial flag and.or --partial-dir=DIR

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