Already Present Files in GDrive

Hello Gents. I haven't even downloaded rclone yet because I wanted to be sure of something.

That is can I encrypt 18TB of files that are already on my Google drive? These files are obviously unencrypted.

That being said do i need to down all 18TB locally, encrypt them and then reupload them?
This is what I want to avoid.

Yes. You will have to download the data in order to get it encrypted.
Encryption is done on the fly while uploading. (assuming you've set up an encrypted remote)

hello and welcome to the forum,

you can get a google cloud compute virtual machine from google.
run rclone on that.

in that way, you do not need to use download/upload and use other local resources.
and i think you can use a free vm.....

Much appreciated i have the VM installed as well as rclone. Now the process i used to start copying the files into the encrypted folder is below:

I mounted both the unencrypted remote name and the encrypted remote name and am copying the files via windows explorer.
I used 2 seperate cmd sessions with the below commands. crypt is a folder in my main google drive directory that is encrypted.

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full gdrive:/ a:
rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full crypt:/ b:

Is there an effective way to use rclone copy to do this instead? Im having trouble.
When i try to use the below command i just get a blank line and nothing happens. Also where in the string do i put the -p flag for progress?
rclone copy gdrive:/test1 crypt:/test2

Below is my file structure. test1 is an unencrypted folder that has a test.txt file. test2 is an empty folder inside a folder named crypt. crypt is encrypted.



windows explorer?
is that VM running windows?

use rclone copy, not rclone mount

test with --dry-run and a debug log.

yes windows server 2012

i did use rclone copy... it didnt do a thing... i can post/link screenshots if thats better

you are running windows server in the cloud vm?

no idea what that means, as rclone has to do something.

when you first posted, there was a template of questions, can you post the answers

Yes windows server in the cloud vm.

Like i posted earlier when i type the below in rclone command line and hit "enter" i get a blank line. The files arent copied...
rclone copy gdrive:/test1 crypt:/test2

  1. make sure you can rclone ls the source and dest.
  2. copy just a single file

I figured out my problem was i needed to quit first since i typed in rclone config to see my remote names
When i launch a new command promt and use rclone copy it works.

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