ALERT: Never purchase on [SCAM SITE]

Guys, never purchase on , nobody works there, never reply tickets, email or social media contacts.

The Horror Story Begins when I Purchase 100tb for 29/m first month I guess..

during this month aI send at least 10 support tickets that never was replied., absolute silence ( image with few tickets never replied)

after that 2nd month the charge 299 USD

The network speed was really terrible, a file uploaded at 500kbps, it could take hours uploading a file, even if you had 1gbps internet at home or server.

Due to this I canceled my subscription, but I still have 25 days to end the period.

now my files and buckets are vanished, all the information is lost.

they arbitrarily deleted everything that I had, and they don't respond to my tickets yet.

In short I was scammed, I lost all my files, list $299 usd, im very sad , I leave you my experience so that it never happens to you.

And they are not even cheap.... Actually they are more expensive than other battle tested operators like iDrive S3

Also Petabox offers 30 days free trial - so you can not blame anybody but yourself for not testing them before...

I recommend iDrive - but also create trial account first and test before you commit to anything longer term. Or if you need more data sign in for pay as you go - worst case you lose few $ only.

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