AIX 6.1 rpm create

Hi everybody!
Hello everyone! On work constantly I deal with servers POWER7 from IBM with OS AIX 6.1.
Desperately need rpm package for it.
Since there are a lot of tasks to copy files, I use rsync but it is very slow because of a single flow mechanism inside.On Linux servers, rclone was installed and the transfer rate increased from 3 to 10 times.
Here and for AIX it is necessary.
Tried to read about golang and cross compilation. But all my attempts were unsuccessful. Can who faced the same task and with the same conditions. Somewhere it is written about the minimum requirements of Power8 and AIX 7. I do not lose hope that it will be possible to run clone on the version below. I will be glad to any advice and consultations

AIX 6.1 is majorly end of life so you aren't going to be able to find any GO support for that version based on all the open issues.

This issue details the challenges with 6.1 so unfortunately, I think you are out of luck.

You could try compiling rclone with gccgo also

That doesn't seem available on AIX 6.1 either.

There is an issue here:

It seems to be ported to AIX v7 and up.

I just need to try if rclone works on AIX 7.1.
The rclone RPM package supports this OS?


AIX has RPM mechanism of packages, but because of the POWER processor, the other bytecode is from compiled programs.
So RPM on website works only with x86/x64 architecture.

Oh... Ok, so in short there is no way to use rclone in AIX?

You'd have to follow those issues and see if they get solved or not as it's a GO thing really.