Addition of New Provider: Teasure Cloud

Addition of new cloud storage provider "Treasure Cloud" that is growing in popularity would be nice.

This cloud storage has a feature where it links other cloud storages such as Gdrive, OneDrive etc, allowing you to access all your drives from one cloud storage.

If rclone's supports this provider, it would make cloud storage a new experience.

Provider Info: Treasure Cloud, Owned by a former Google Employer

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hello and welceome to the forum,

based on this from their website, there does not seem to be a API,
without that, rclone cannot support that provider.

" We do not currently offer a public software development kit but we do love working with smart people with good ideas. If you have an idea and want to work with us we would be delighted to talk to you and explore options how we might be able to collaborate. Please drop us an email to"

perhaps contact them and ask them about that.

FWIW, you can already do this with rclone and union

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