Adding comments that will appear in job logs for individual job tracking

We have multiple Rclone copy jobs running (from cron) on a RedHat 8 server to copy different data sets. All our Rclone copy jobs send their logging to local syslog, which is rsyslogged to a Graylog server. We're trying to monitor the success/failure of each individual job by having Graylog grep the forwarded Rclone job logs for various keywords.

We're having a decent amount of success doing it but, other than the time the job was started, we don't have any good way of tracking which Rclone job is which in the syslog stream.

Is there a way to embed identifying individual Rclone copy job name, a note/comment, or the name of the script used to invoke the job in the Rclone copy job syslog output? I didn't see any Rclone command line switches that would allow me to do this, so I figured I would ask here.

Please let me know. Thanks!

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