Add YouTube as a remote?

Is it at all possible to add YouTube as a remote type? I'm thinking mostly about being able to upload directly to YouTube from other remotes (downloading is already covered by plenty of other tools).

This would be incredibly useful in situations where fast or reliable upload speeds are difficult to find (i.e. travelling in many many parts of the world). I use cloud backup either via rclone or the apps to upload/backup my videos to the cloud immediately after creating them but I also want to post them to YouTube. Normally, this would require waiting another few days to upload several GB of data. If however I could upload directly from a remote (say Dropbox, Drive or webdav) this would make life much much much easier.

Is this feasible at all and would any one else find it useful?

might be possible to add youtube as a storage system.

there is no concept of direct transfer between two different providers.
rclone is a program that runs on a machine and uses that machine's bandwidth.

one option is to run rclone on a virtual machine in the cloud.
in that way, not using your local bandwidth.

based on
can run rclone on a free/cheap vm from google cloud.
no charge for ingress into the vm.
no charge for egrees to youtube.

Yes this will allow me to run rclone on my home server over ssh. A cloud server would also work. But there's no way to get the file into YouTube unless I'm missing something?

rclone cannot do that yet

there is a youtube api and .go source code examples.

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