Add Team Drive Files to Main GSuite Account?


i have an Main Gsuite Account and mounted that to a mountpoint. So if i move files trough the webinterface of google from an TeamDrive to the Main GSuite Account, that the files does not show in my mount. i think the problem is that i am now the Owner of the File. Is there a way to change the Owner/Creator without down-and-reupload the file?

I believe i have read about an issue with "shared with me" files will not appear as part of the remote.
I never use the webUI for these sorts of things, but perhaps that is how it handles it.

Have you tried enabling
server_side_across_configs = true
in the config under the relevant remotes?

This should allow copying between your Teamdrive and Gsuite drive via rclone. The documentation says it's not garantueed to work for all setups, so your milage may vary. I've never encountered a problem on my teamdrives though.

Also be aware that server-side copying appears to have it's own quota. It's not well documented yet. Some say 100GB/day , but I'm pretty sure I have seen 2-300GB go through at a time. Just don't expect it to be infinite, and if your server-side copy stalls after a while that's probably the reason.

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realy realy thanks.
after adding this to my remotes the server side move works fine!

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