Add ssh key to config file rather than filesystem pointer

I hope this doesn't fly in the face of best practice. I have some platforms for which I do not allow password authentication at all. Only keys. I'd like to be able to store the key in the config (or environment variable) with the rest of the parameters rather than carrying it around in an external file to deploy along with the rclone config.

So i'd allow for a config parameter to store the actual key rather than only read a file system file. This would also enable tools that abstract the filesystem from the app running rclone to work correctly here (RCX for android for example).

--sftp-key-pem (actual key)

key_pem = (actual key)

I was thinking since the config file doesn't allow multi-line that I would force a sane delimiter (\r\n and \n).



will reply on the PR :slight_smile:

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