Add redundancy via STRIPING + CHECKSUMS similarly to raidz1/raidz2/raidz3 in zfs

I want to use several OneDrives in one pool.
My plan is to use Union + Encryption.
I am leaning towards distributing streams evenly between remotes (to spread the rate limit across because even a simple laptop backup can hit it many times over).

However, the danger of using a Union, especially if it's distributed across multiple remotes, is that if just one of the remotes goes out due to outage or ban or getting hacked, the data in the entire Union is GONE.

I would love to be able to stripe my Union across the remotes and allocate space for checksum redundancy. For example, if I have 6 remotes, I want to be able to allocate 2x remotes worth of space for redundancy checksums, and have 4x remotes worth of usable space. This way if up to 2 remotes go offline, the entire Union's data will still be intact.

It would be a very useful feature, especially nowadays with all the AI false negatives, when people lose their accounts for no reason: lots of reports of OneDrive and Google and DropBox banning people even though they weren't storing any info other than business docs. I remember when Dropbox erased work-in-progress content of the creators of some show on Cartoon Network:

If celebrities have this happen to them, it would be nice to have redundancy for a regular person.

I am new to rclone, and if it's already possible, kindly point me to how to do it.

Thank you!

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