Add Prism Drive To Rclone

Would love to know if you can work in Prism Drive to rclone.

Or find a way to use rclone in conjunction with it, due to its 10gb single file limit.

Prism Drive has been offering "lifetime" subscriptions of 20TB for $99.00, and you can upgrade that to 40TB at purchase for $50 more. So $150 for 40TB isnt bad. I wouldnt mind spending the money for this much of storage even if it doesnt work out to lifetime, its cheap storage that I just want to use for backup. They have a single file limit of 10gb, so chunker would come in handy here.

Just throwing this out there, I'm sure its not a quality service for that price, but for data thats juat going to sit there and never really accessed unless a disaster happens, its not a bad deal.



Before you spend your money on this super offer do some research…

I already stated I don't care if its a horrible product. If I can store files on there even for a few years ill get my moneys worth. They offer a 30day money back gurantee, if they wouldn't/wont honor that, I would contest the charge on my credit card.

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